Contact lenses: your trusted ally during sports

Contact lenses: your trusted ally during sports

Do your eyes water during outdoor activities? Are you sure your contact lenses are the right ones for you and your lifestyle? If you don’t wear them because you think they’re uncomfortable and unsuitable for your situation, think again. Over the past few years, contact lens manufacturers have adapted and now offer daily disposable contact lenses that provide unmatched comfort, regardless of your vision problem.

The evolution of contact lenses

Contact lens technology is evolving at the same pace as the telephone. Back in the days of rotary phones, the same pair of contact lenses was worn for up to two years. They also had to be cleaned on a daily basis. Then, around the same time the flip phone appeared, bi-weekly or monthly disposable contact lenses became very popular. 
Today, more and more people are suffering from dry eye, because our eyes are constantly riveted to our screens and we forget to blink. This fact prompted manufacturers to design contact lenses that are thrown out at the end of the day. Not only are these new lenses very comfortable, they’re also suitable for all visual condition.

Vision problems contact lenses can correct

Contact lenses can correct various vision problems, including myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia. Contrary to popular belief, progressive contact lenses are now available, allowing you to see clearly up close. This is still a fairly recent innovation in contact lenses, however. Also, if you suffer from dry eye, you probably know that your eyes need to be better hydrated. So, your decision to wear contact lenses could be a good one, if the materials they’re made from allow for the passage of oxygen and are biocompatible with the surface of the eye.

Why are disposable contact lenses ideal for sports?

Are you tired of your ski goggles always fogging up? Don’t want to invest in another pair of prescription glasses for cycling, cross-country skiing, or any other sport? Because single-use contact lenses are disposable after your sports activity, you have the choice to wear them only when you feel like it. This solution saves you from having to include your prescription in all your sports glasses. No more compromising between seeing properly and your favorite sporty eyewear!

4 advantages of disposable contact lenses

  1. Each pair is brand new. They are soaked in a soap-free and preservative-free solution. They make up for the discomfort caused by exposure to screens.
  2. They don’t require any maintenance, unlike glasses or bi-weekly / monthly disposable contact lenses.
  3. They cost roughly the same as other contact lenses, since the price has dropped significantly in recent years and they do not require the purchase of cleaning agents.
  4. They are completely recyclable. Contact lenses and their packaging are environmentally friendly.

Laser surgery for those who find contact lenses uncomfortable?

Before resorting to surgery to correct your vision, consider this: If dry eyes is the root of your problem with contact lenses, treat dry eyes before you consider surgery. This will prevent the dry eye symptoms from coming back after your laser surgery.

So, to sum up, if you find your glasses to be a nuisance when doing certain sports or activities, disposable contact lenses are a great alternative. Because they correct several different vision problems and are always clean, you can wear them whenever you want, to do whatever you want.
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