Sports eyewear adapted to your needs.

Sports eyewear adapted to your needs.

At Eye Am, we’re passionate about vision, but we’re also big supporters of physical activity. With our boutique truck, we go out to meet professional and amateur athletes at sporting events. In this way, they can then discover a wide range of glasses, try them out and benefit from sound advice from our vision professionals. We do not hesitate to meet them out in the field because we believe that everyone should be able to practice their favourite sport with the right sunglasses, no matter their eye condition. 


Sometimes, including a prescription in sports glasses is more complex because these glasses tend to be more enveloping to protect the eye. But don’t worry, there are other solutions. Clips and disposable contact lenses combined with non-prescription sports glasses are a good example. What you must remember is technological progress now allows us to offer glasses adapted to each type of sports activity.

Two Myths About Sports Sunglasses

The Perfect Smart Sunglasses for Road Biking.

For the road bike, the Julbo athlete-tested smart glasses are ideal. The model’s ultralight design, maximum ventilation, 12-hour battery life, and simple ergonomics are all features that optimize performance. The EVAD1’s see-through display technology allows you to see more than seven stats displayed directly in the glasses while staying focused on the road. In addition, it can be connected to a host of other applications thanks to its integrated Bluetooth system.

What glasses should you wear for mountain biking?

For a mountain bike ride, our optometrists recommend a photochromic lens. This lens automatically adapts to constant variations in brightness. You can therefore keep them on at all times even when the light is dim. This is convenient because they’re essential for protecting you from wind, mud and branches. These anti-fog sports eyewear are also recommended for snowshoeing or cross-country skiing.

To all you water sport lovers; your optometrist also has sunglasses for you.

If you like ripping it up on a kite surf or if you’re hooked to that adrenaline that only comes with water sports, sports eyewear manufacturers have also got you covered! Lightweight goggles with silicone edges keep them in place even when you’re moving at high speed. And if you ever drop them in the water, they’ll float for easy retrieval.

In short, if a new sport were to emerge tomorrow morning, sports eyewear experts like Julbo would continue to innovate to create sunglasses perfectly suited to this new activity. And your Eye Am eyecare professionals would be the first to have them on offer, because we’re constantly looking for innovative products so that you can practice your favourite activity while adequately protecting your eyes. 

Are you curious about finding the perfect glasses for your activity? Come out and meet us to benefit from the advice of one of our professionals and to try one of our many models of sports glasses. 

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