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With Healthy Eyes, Your Employees Are Happy and Perform Better

The number of hours spent in front of a screen has increased dramatically in recent years. Eye Am soins oculaires has developed the expertise to identify the different possible causes of various symptoms reported by screen users. We are proactive about screening for problems, but even more about identifying means to minimize their impact. This expertise gave birth to two offers: the Screen Time Assessment, for screen users who care about optimizing their vision and ocular health, and the Eye Care Program, for companies mindful of the well-being of their employees.

Are Your Employees Exposed to Screens More Than 5 Hours a Day?

They are at risk. Prolonged use is the main cause of dry eye syndrome. More than 30% of people suffer from dry eye syndrome without being aware of it. The Eye Care Program is an in-company screening program that can identify the employees who are the most affected or potentially at risk of becoming affected by dry eye syndrome. The program includes the following. We can also treat meibomian glands on-site at your company in order to save your employees the trip to our clinic.

Imaging of the meibomian glands responsible for dry eye syndrome

A questionnaire

A list of recommendations

The Solution in the Blink of an Eye

It is simple and profitable to choose the Eye Care Program. Thanks to our Optop application (reward and reference program), you control and monitor the access to the program and you earn reward points ($). And all this without any paper!

Here are the steps to follow:

Your company downloads the Optop application.

You contact us, purchase more than $1000 in Optop points and instantly obtain a 10% bonus in points.

We schedule a free screening day at your company to identify the employees who are more at risk.

You authorize your employee to use your points with a simple text message or an email via Optop.

The employee visits our clinic for a full assessment. He then gets personalized recommendations.

Each time an employee comes to the clinic for a full assessment, we subtract 150 Optop points from your corporate account .

If the employee purchases products at our Eye Am store, he earns 5 % of the purchase value in Optop points for his personal account and you also earn an additional 10 % of the purchase value for your corporate account.

You Would like More Information or an Other Form of Corporate Program?

Please feel free to contact us. It will be our pleasure to develop a program tailored to your specific needs.

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