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    In order to ensure you enjoy optimal vision and visual comfort

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Appointment form

Eye Examination

Appointment form
It Is for Me If
  • I am over 3 years old
  • I am in good overall health
  • I do not have symptoms of ocular disease
  • I do not have a personal or family history of eye disease
What Should I Expect?
  • Color vision and depth perception tests
  • Ocular health verification
  • Evaluation of the refractive status and vision correction with glasses and/or contact lenses
  • Recommendations according to my lifestyle habits

The eye examination allows the optometrist to observe and measure the structures and functions of different parts of the visual system in order to evaluate visual and ocular health. This exam is used primarily to detect vision problems such as myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism and presbyopia.

Examination and Treatment Descriptions

An eye examination includes the case history, a picture of the eye fundus (or retina), intraocular pressure measurement, examination of the visual fields, examination of the color vision, visual acuity, refraction, examination of binocular vision, and general eye health examination. Your optometrist will also evaluate the optical performance of your glasses or contact lenses,  with your lifestyle in mind.

These combined elements allow your optometrist to make a diagnosis, write or adjust your prescription, as well as give appropriate recommendations to insure you enjoy optimal vision and visual comfort.

Getting an annual eye examination is a good habit, but Eye Am clients can space out their visits if they choose the examination with added value, the purpose of which is to detect the onset of ocular diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration or dry eye syndrome.

Our Professionals Responsible for Eye Examinations