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    Upon referral by an optometrist

  • eyeam-pourquoi

    For prompt and effective management of conditions that require secondary health care interventions

  • eyeam-cout

    The consultation with an ophthalmologist is covered by the RAMQ. Certain imaging tests may not be covered, but you will be notified in advance.

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Ophthalmological Examination

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It Is for Me If
  • I present a pathology which requires medical treatments such as surgery, a drug injections, or laser therapy
  • I suffer from glaucoma
  • I suffer from macular degeneration
  • I have a stye, small wart, eyelid bump or a drooping eyelid causing visual symptoms
What Should I Expect?
  • Management of glaucoma
  • Medical laser to prevent or treat glaucoma
  • Medical laser after Laser médical après la cataract surgery (capsulotomy)
  • Minor eyelid surgery

Our ophthalmologist puts you first. He works in collaboration with our optometrists to better manage the most severe cases of ocular health problems. You will not have to do the same tests twice because our professionals share their results in one single digital file. Our ophthalmologist will explain in details the various treatment options available to you. Eye Am brings you the latest technologies so you can enjoy life as your eyes recover their health.

Examination and Treatment Descriptions

Eye Am offers you all general ophthalmology services to treat eye diseases and eyelid lesions.

Eye Am also has its own medical laser in order to effectively treat glaucoma. 

A stye, a small wart, a bump that makes the eyelids swell, or a drooping eyelid can have more serious long-term consequences. By removing your lesion, our ophthalmologist gives you back healthy eyelids in order to avoid future ocular problems.

Our Professionals Responsible for Eye Examinations

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