Introducing the first-ever smart sports glasses designed for performance

Introducing the first-ever smart sports glasses designed for performance

At Eye Am, our goal is to constantly reinvent the optical world, and that often calls for innovation. If you like to compete—against yourself or others—you’ll be happy to hear that the first ever smart glasses for athletes are finally available at Eye Am. Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, hiker, or kayaker, you’ll be amazed by the unique features of the EVAD-1 by Julbo, the expert in sports glasses.

Revolutionary glasses recommended by our eyecare professionals

The Julbo brand, founded in the Jura region of France over 130 years ago, is characterized by eyewear expertise, love of sport and the desire to innovate. Their brand new eyewear combines the latest innovations in data display with its eyewear expertise. This new generation of smart sports glasses will revolutionize the way athletes practice a number of different sports, by allowing them to stay focused on their race while viewing their training data in real time. Tested by Julbo’s competitive athletes, the EVAD-1 exceeds the expectations of even the most demanding among them. It features Activelook technology, which displays training information directly on the lenses. And thanks to its Bluetooth system, it can connect to a range of other apps.

With so much information available, securely and on demand, the glasses allow athletes like you, to develop to their full potential. Of course, your optometrist also appreciates the fact that they provide complete protection for your eyes against UV rays and bad weather.

Smart sports glasses designed for performance

The EVAD-1 sports glasses are light as a feather, weighing in at just 35 grams—so light they won’t interfere with your workout. With interchangeable nose grips in two different sizes and adjustable temples, you’ll enjoy a secure fit. And thanks to the Reactiv photochromic  lenses that adjust to the prevailing light conditions, you’ll see perfectly well whatever the time of day or the weather conditions. Despite the body heat generated during physical exertion, the glasses structure allow full circulation of air to prevent fogging. They are specifically designed with your athletic performance in mind.

A unique high performance display

Stay ahead of the game with an extra-wide field of vision and a head-up display that’s crystal-clear in all conditions, thanks to the Reactiv photochromic lenses. The see-through technology lets you view your data without ever taking your eyes off the road. The built-in motion detector even allows you to deactivate it or change the display with a simple wave of the hand. The 12-hour battery life and ergonomic design won’t slow you down, and you’ll benefit from the latest innovations in data display and connectivity.

8 real-time data items directly in your field of vision

In short, the lenses of the future for athletes have now arrived at Eye Am. As sports vision enthusiasts, we’re proud to be the exclusive carriers of this innovative product. The EVAD-1 are more than just regular eyeglasses—they’re smart glasses tailored for performance. 

Come and discover this wonder in one of our boutiques. 

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