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Thanks to ongoing innovation, contact lenses are now used to correct numerous vision problems. Whether you are nearsighted, astigmatic, farsighted, presbyopic, or have a combination of these refractive problems, or even suffer from dry eyes or seasonal allergies, contact lenses open the door to freedom without glasses!

Parameters that make a difference

Parameters that make a difference

You should know that to optimize your comfort and vision quality, you can’t choose just any type of contact lenses. Our team has all the necessary expertise and know-how to evaluate the most precise parameters and prescribe the contact lenses that best suit your condition.

To offer you the right contact lenses, our professionals will take into account:

  • Your prescription
  • Your ocular health
  • Your lifestyle

Why choose your contact lenses with Eye Am ?

  • For personalized advice and a unique approach
  • For a quick adjustment, usually done in a single visit
  • For the vast selection of products in stock
  • For competitive prices
  • For the possibility to order online

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