• Frequency

    Every year or every 2 years

  • Why?

    In order to make a diagnosis and to recommend solutions specific to screen users

  • Cost

    $150 Includes a $50 gift card valid for the purchase of products.

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Screen Time Assessment

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It Is for Me If:
  • I spend more than 5 hours a day in front of a screen
  • I suffer from eye strain or dry eye syndrome
  • I have vision problems or headaches
  • I have pain in my neck or shoulders
What Should I Expect?
  • Lenses adapted to screen use
  • Assessment and management of dry eye syndrome
  • Tips and tricks to reduce discomfort

The number of hours spent in front of a screen has increased dramatically in recent years. Eye Am soins oculaires has developed the expertise to identify the different possible causes of various symptoms reported by screen users. We are proactive about screening for problems, but even more about identifying means to minimize their impact.

Examination and Treatment Descriptions

The screen time assessment comprises an evaluation of:

  • meibomian glands dysfunction responsible for dry eye syndrome;
  • vision stability;
  • binocular vision;
  • refraction;
  • correction options to reduce neck pain in progressive lens wearers.

Following this evaluation, patients will receive a list of recommendations to improve their vision and ocular health.

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