When practicing a sport, having good vision is essential in order to see and interpret your surroundings correctly. Sunglasses are then much more than a simple fashion accessory and become performance enhancing tools. The two essential elements when choosing your sunglasses are frames and sun lenses: two inseparable elements for a perfect combination. Obviously, frame and lens needs are as varied as the sports we practice.

What Are Sports Glasses?

Ideally, sports glasses will have frames that are both lightweight and robust. They must also be well fitted to your face, as your sports glasses will necessarily have to keep up. It is important that your frames stay in place throughout numerous rapid movements. If sports are practiced outdoors, it is important to protect your eyes against UV rays with adequate lenses, during summer as well as winter. To find lenses that are suitable for you, it is important to consider your sun sensitivity and sunlight conditions of the place where you practice your sport. The material, protection category, color and surface treatment of your sun lenses will make a difference.


Glasses or Contact Lenses?

Beyond solar, weather and impact protection, it is also important to consider vision correction. Good eyesight is essential when practicing a sport. If you choose contact lenses, vision correction will occur at the surface level of the eye, so there will be no distortion or instability associated with eyewear movement. Some contact lenses even provide UV protection. If it is impossible or very difficult for you to wear contact lenses, there is a wide range of sports glasses which can incorporate your eyeglass prescription. Even if you wear progressive lenses, it is possible to find sports glasses adapted to your vision to practice your favorite sport.

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You have a very busy life! We know just how difficult it can be to find time to go shopping when you practice sports on a regular basis. That is why we go to you by means of a mobile shop in which we travel to more than thirty sporting event locations each year to showcase our extensive range of sports glasses.

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Our Implication

As a Quebec-based company sensitive to local success, we believe it is important to support local talents. Eye Am sponsors four athletes in order to stimulate young people’s love of sports. We are proud to lend our financial support to Cendrine Brown, member of the national cross-country ski team and olympian, Charles Philibert-Thiboutot, professional runner and olympian in the 1500m at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Pierre-Luc Poulin, sprint kayakist and member of the Canadian team, and finally Adèle Desgagnés, junior Canadian road cycling champion.

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  • Cendrine Brown, Ski de fond
  • Charles Philibert-Thiboutot, Coureur professionnel