Our Ophthalmic lenses

  • Our primary single vision lenses
  • Our primary progressive lenses
  • Our primary specialty lenses
  • Our primary coatings and treatments

SOLO - The simple answer to your everyday needs

  • For daily activities
  • For a Nikon optical performance at an affordable price

Recommended for

Those who want respectable optical performance at an affordable price

VIEWFIT - A thin lens, a clear and precise vision

  • Sharp vision and better aesthetics
  • Adapts to virtually any frame style
  • Reduces peripheral distortion

Recommended for

Wearers that require a lens to suit their unique style

SeeMax - Single vision lenses customized with digital design

  • Offers the highest level of visual performance and aesthetic
  • Ideal for those with strong prescriptions, astigmatism and contact lens wearers

Recommended for

Those who want the best and nothing but the best

Balance - The perfect visual balance

  • Sharp and wide vision
  • Well balanced visual zones

Recommended for

People who want good visual performance

Presio INFINITE - To eliminate ocular fatigue and provide instantaneous adaptation

  • Noticeably larger vision zone
  • Natural and comfortable vision
  • Fitting parameters unique to each wearer
  • Eliminate stress and visual discomfort

Recommended for

Those who are looking for enhanced optical quality

Emblematic - The result of 100 years of consistent investment in R & D

  • Visual fields that are instantly clear, crisp and sharp regardless of gazing angle
  • Immediate and lasting comfort in all conditions
  • Swim effect is remarkably minimized
  • Precise vision even when in motion
  • Stable vision whatever the activity

Recommended for

People who want the most sophisticated advanced progressive lenses available today

Ultimate - A truly revolutionary approach towards customization

  • Instant focus at intermediate distances
  • Natural vision when scanning from side to side
  • Lenses feel like they carry no visual distractions
  • Patients forget that they are wearing progressives

Recommended for

Those who seek the most personalized and advanced progressive lenses available on the market

SMART BOOST - For smartphone users

  • Optical zoom effect makes the screen easier on the eyes
  • More comfortable and natural vision
  • Protection & comfort all-in-one: Smart Boost combined with SeeCoat Blue Premium delivers the ultimate viewing experience

Recommended for

Single vision lens wearers who spend long periods of time on their Smartphone

Relaxsee - For eye strain relief

  • Reduces tension and eye fatigue

Recommended for

For single vision lens wearers who suffer from eye strain

Online - For an extended near vision

  • Ideal for near vision activities
  • Ultimate comfort and performance for a wider vision at desk distance

Recommended for

Presbyopic people requiring more depth than regular reading glasses or for use as a complementary pair to progressives

Home & Office - For an extended intermediate vision

  • Clear vision up to several meters
  • Suitable for small frames
  • No need to put on and off unlike reading glasses

Recommended for

Presbyopic wearers multi-tasking in indoor situations whether at home or at work

SeeCoat Blue Premium - Maximum protection against blue light

  • Greater HEV blue light and UV protection
  • Reduced eye strain
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Enhanced colour contrast on digital devices
  • Clearer more comfortable vision

Recommended for

Those who regularly use digital devices and who want the ultimate protection against the harmful effects of blue light

SeeCoat Bright - Brightening your vision in any condition

  • Ultimate protection for your lenses (cleaner, clearer, tougher and dust free)
  • Enhanced Colour Perception
  • High contrast with a boost in low light situations

Recommended for

Those who want maximum lens protection as well as brighter and more vivid colour perception at night or in dim light conditions.

SeeSun UV - Dual side UV protection safeguarding against UV rays from the front and reflected on the back

  • UV protection from both sides
  • E-SPF 25 (Eye-Sun Protection Factor)
  • Scratch resistant, easy to clean, anti-static and back side anti-glare

Recommended for

Sun lens wearers looking for full UV protection and aesthetics

Radiance - Polarized protection

  • Best performance in prescription eyewear
  • Flexibility in frame selection
  • E-SPF 25 UV protection

Recommended for

Sunlens wearers seeking fun, fashion, function and protection



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